Winter Warmers

Let's boost our immune system Simple Natural remedies to protect our health.

It's that time of the year and we can't help getting sick or ...can we? There are plenty of home-made remedies we can use to strengthen our immune system to avoid passing our illness to the little ones or to be strong and healthy when they get sick! A simple addition of raw garlic, hot chillies and lemon to any soup or stew will not only add extra flavour but also help to protect your defences against common colds. Ginger: Helps prevent colds and boosts the immune system. Simply add to food or boil to make a tea, you can add cinnamon, lemongrass or cardamom to spice it up! Turmeric: is an immune strengthening spice, cook with it or add it to a warm milky drink Cinnamon and honey: will fight off coughs and congestions. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a little cinnamon and suck it straight from the spoon Drink hot water with a slice of lemon to clean out the toxins and speed recovery. Drinking fluids in general (such as herbal teas) will prevent illnesses. That is why your Cupcake team ensures that we have a warm and spicy selection of Turmeric, ginger, lemon and cinnamon teas during the cold season! These are complimentary for our members so please bring your favourite cup and enjoy your Winter warmers. You will also find a selection of tangerine, satsumas or other fruits with vit. C available at the serving area. These can be shared with our little ones. Enjoy the aroma of Winter and let's boost our immune system. Please remember to keep your little one at home if you know that they have not been well in the previous 24 hours. Sometimes all they need is to be nice and warm at home with plenty of fluids and lots of love. This will also prevent the spreading of illness in the club. While we can't stop anyone getting sick we can do lots to prevent. That is why we keep steaming every area of the club while also offering hand sanitizer in the reception areas, toilets and baby changing facilities.

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