Welcome Back Autumn!

Hello September! What's new at Cupcake?

Welcome back little ones! We hope you all had a wonderful Summer break! The schools have started and we are ready for the Autumn term.

While we prepare the club for the cosy Winter months we say hello to new members and new team members! We are planning indoor fun with new lounge activities, new classes and magical events! We are entering our busiest and most exciting season. This means that from Friday 20th September the club will restrict access to members only until spaces open up to new families in the area. Membership spaces open up every month when families leave to move abroad or to primary school. If you are not a member yet, get in touch and visit us for our last open day on Thursday 19th from 9 am to 5 pm. (Entertainment will be from 4 pm to 5 pm, see below!).

Check all the music, movement and crafty classes we have for you! Weekend family soft play will remain open for both Saturdays and Sundays 9 am to 1 pm! Yay! 

Are you in a nursery waiting list but need to work during the day? Do you need guaranteed morning childcare spaces while waiting for your space in the nursery? we are launching limited spaces with our creche membership from September 2019.  Email creche@cupcakefamilyclub.com to find out more!

Please read your updated terms and conditions as there are few changes you might want to know! We wish for all our families to have the best time in our club.

While our lounge transforms into an indoor active garden, please remember that all our toys and books are there for everyone to enjoy, please be kind and tidy up after playing so that we can all feel at home while learning how to respect a shared environment.

Talking about the environment, please don't forget to bring your own cups for your complimentary drinks and that all our timetables are online for both Slice and Cupcake classes. Let's stop unnecessary waste.

Get ready for magical Autumn surprises in our family club ;)

Enjoy every moment x

Love, The Cupcake Team 

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