June Talk: Abdominals and Diastasis recti



  • with Six Physio

  • Wed 12th June, 12.00 - 13.00

  • Cupcake Bubble Room

Heard about Diastasis Rectus Abdominus but want to know more? A Women's Health Physio will join our Community meet-up on 12th June to explain it all.

Laura Ham from Six Physio is a Specialist Women's Health Physio: she is passionate about looking after women and using her rehab bias to ensure everyone gets back to full fitness. She will talk about Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA or RAD), which refers to excessive prolonged widening of the mid-line abdominal connective tissue, called the linea alba.

1. Everyone, including women who have not had a baby, have some degree of separation of the linea alba. This is a normal anatomical feature of the body, that becomes further affected by the necessary stretching of the abdominal tissues during pregnancy. 2. Risk factors for DRA are thought to include multiple pregnancies, heavy or poor lifting techniques (e.g breath hold)  genetic predisposition, chronic straining (including coughing, vomiting and constipation), and excessive abdominal loading with exercise. 3. When we assess DRA, we are looking not only at the width, but also the depth of the separation. 4. A women's health physiotherapist is the perfect person to assess and create a management plan regarding diastasis. Each tummy is different and thus a unique treatment plan is required for each Mummy.  

A happy mummy writes: "I found my women's health physio clear and reassuring in my postpartum worries. We are working towards a clear goal in terms of the pelvic floor for running and I have clear instructions as to how to get to that point."

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